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Below is a list of our COVID-19 services.

International Travel

We offer Pre-Departure Supervised RATs for those patients requiring a documented negative test result prior to International Travel. No booking is necessary, but you will need to bring your passport with you and be able to wait 15 minutes for your result.


The cost for the service is $50. You can provide your own test or we can use a pharmacy test for an additional cost of $9.99.

For more information about rapid antigen testing, view the Ministry of Health website.


The new bivalent COVID-19 vaccine which gives more specific cover against the Omicron variant is available from April 1st 2023. This additional booster is funded for all patients over 30 and is highly recommended for extra protection as we move into the winter season. Patients must have had at least 6 months elapse since their last COVID booster or most recent COVID infection.


We are currently operating our COVID vaccination clinic on Tuesdays only from 930am until 12pm. Bookings can be made on


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