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We offer a variety of services to help in managing your medications.


Introducing ...

Unichem Leamington Pharmacy’s

Automated Medicines Management System

“Never worry again about your family’s medicine requirements”


Our Automated Medicine Sachet System is becoming increasingly popular with people who find managing their own regular medication difficult.


This system provides a quick, accurate and accessible alternative to the often hard to use blister packs currently used.


Each sachet is clearly printed with all the important information needed for the enclosed dosage of medication.


The Key Benefits:

  • Easy to use and very simple to open

  • Users don’t forget their medicines and also don’t take them twice

  • Confidence that you are getting the right medication at the right time

  • Peace of mind, especially for the family

  • Convenient for travel

  • A very flexible system, as it allows for up to 9 dose times a day


Contact us for a FREE 1 month trial (excludes prescription charges).



Sometimes you just need the opportunity to sit down and talk through your medication. A Medication Use Review is all about helping you to understand your medications better and to develop a system to ensure you take them correctly on an ongoing basis.

When conducting the service, one of our friendly pharmacists will come to your home and review your medications with you. We will listen to your concerns, and make recommendations where appropriate that will assist you to manage your medication on your own.

This is a FREE SERVICE that is all about helping you get the best from your medicines. 



If a family member is finding it difficult to self manage their medication, one of our pharmacists can come to their home and conduct an assessment to see if they qualify for the medication oversight service. If medication oversight is indicated, the pharmacist will contact Disability Support Link to arrange a care worker who will observe your family member taking their medication each day.​​​​

This is a FREE SERVICE that means peace of mind for you and your loved one.




For those patients who are unable to collect their medication from the pharmacy for whatever reason, we provide a regular daily delivery service. Feel free to contact us for further information.




It is very easy to accumulate unused or expired medications in your home. The best way to dispose of these medications is by returning them to the pharmacy. This is a FREE service that we offer to ensure your unwanted medications are destroyed in an appropriate way which is safe for you and the environment. 




We are approved to do aseptic dispensing. This includes preparing eye drops and sterile syringes (for syringe drivers). These products are made by our staff in a sterile environment so that they are safe to use.

Medicines Disposal



It is very important that you receive regular blood tests while you are taking clozapine. We will check your blood tests to make sure the appropriate dose of clozapine is dispensed for you.

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